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Brent Weeks at FantasyCon

Brent Weeks at FantasyCon 2012

Brent Weeks

Brent Weeks specialises in epic fantasty including the Night Angel trilogy, a dark fantasy featuring the assassin and anti-hero Kylar Stern.

Book Reviews

Beyond The Shadows cover    

Beyond The Shadows
5 star rating
Kylar finds out that his extraordinary powers come at a price. The third in the Night Angel trilogy.
Released in 2008.


Shadow's Edge
4 star rating
In the second part of the Night Angel trilogy Kylar Stern tries to leave the life of an assassin behind him.
Released in 2008.

The Way Of Shadows cover    

The Way Of Shadows
5 star rating
A young man becomes an assassin to escape a life of poverty. But can he bear to leave all his friends behind?
Released in 2008.

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