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Book Trailers October 2011

4th October 2011

October is traditionally peak season for English apples, pumpkins and tatty plastic fangs. This year there's also a good crop of trailers for some appropriately scary Halloween reading.

Eve by Anna Carey

Set in New America after a virus has wiped out most of the world's population, Eve is the story of a young woman on the run who has been taught that men are liars and enemies. Such a premise has obvious romantic possibilities, and the way the main character has been brainwashed could make for an interesting twist on this post-apocalyptic setting.

Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

It's a wonder there aren't more stories about tragic love and necromancy. After all, faced with the death of a loved one who wouldn't wish for the power to bring them back? Cold Kiss is about Wren, a grieving young woman who wants to bring her dead lover back but isn't ready for the consequences.

Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

If the honey and petrol tang of Cold Kiss doesn't appeal, Patrick Carman's Dark Eden seems, well, darker. Seven strangers, stuck in an isolated institution and made the subjects of experiments that will change them. But what is really going on, and how will it change them?

Blood Spirits - Sherwood Smith

Okay, so this is another romantic fantasy, with a fairytale prince, swordfights, vampires, and a pretend country all mixed up with a contemporary heroine who lives in Los Angeles. There's a lot going on with mysterious cousins and ghosts, juxtaposed with the life of a modern academic. Can it work? The trailer makes this story seem a little saccharine-sweet with its sweeping vistas and drippy music, but the tone of trailers can sometimes be misleading and the proof will be in the writing. I think the plot looks quite interesting, anyway.

This is actually the sequel to Coronets and Steel, something that isn't clear from the trailer.

Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters

This trailer makes me wonder why horror writers don't make more use of insect invaders: they're the very definition of creepy, some of mankind's natural adversaries, and icky on a visceral level. This spoof estate agency advert for 56 Cranberry Street will have you checking under the bed and reaching for the disinfectant even before the bit 57 seconds in where the roaches leap up and eat someone's face off. No, really, that's how it happens.

And with that comforting image in your head, enjoy the trailers.

© Ros Jackson