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Book Trailers August 2011

9th August 2011

Christopher Paolini's Inheritance books have left me feeling mostly lukewarm. The trailer for Inheritance, the fourth book in the series, also leaves me underwhelmed. But some of the comments people have made about it are interesting, in particular because of the numbers of people wondering why anyone would make a trailer for a book. It's a sign that book trailers, especially really well-made ones, have yet to penetrate many book lovers' consciousness. So anyway, here are three reasons I've found this month why anyone would bother making a trailer:

The Only Ones by Aaron Starmer

This haunting post-apocalyptic tale of a boy left alone starts slowly, but gets creepier. I like the idea of a boy facing a newly-destroyed world, rather than some hard-edged hero fully prepared to take on all challenges.

Aftertime, Rebirth, and Horizon

More dystopia from Sophie Littlefield, with her post-apocalyptic trilogy featuring the heroine Cass Dollar. I particularly like the part 58 seconds in on this video, when the girl's face cracks up like parched earth.

Shadows on the Moon by ZoŽ Marriott

Shadows on the Moon features a woman who takes many faces, with a guilty secret and a feeling she doesn't deserve to be happy. I'm intrigued by the setting, which is a fairytale version of feudal Japan, and by the main character. She seems really restrained, but there's this vicious drive for revenge bubbling up under the surface. It's my favourite book trailer this month.

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