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Barb and J. C. Hendee

Barb and J. C. Hendee are a husband and wife team of fantasy writers. They write both as a team and separately, and have brought us a series of books featuring Magiere, Leesil and Chap, the vampire hunters.

Book Reviews

Traitor to the Blood cover    

Traitor to the Blood
4 star rating
The fourth episode of the Noble Dead saga sees the half-elf Leesil and his dhampir companion Magiere investigate Leesil's past.
Released in 2006.

Thief of Lives cover    

Thief of Lives
4 star rating
In this sequel to Dhampir, it turns out the Noble Dead are not always so noble.
Released in 2004.

Dhampir cover    

4 star rating
The first book to introduce Magiere, the vampire hunter with a secret.
Released in 2003.

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