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Anne Bishop

Anne Bishop is the romantic fantasy writer who created the worlds of the Black Jewels and the Tir Alainn. Her work often focuses on feminist themes, and her fantasy environments are highly original and often fragmented places.

Reading Anne Bishop's work is like drinking lashings of tequila whilst taking a long, hot bath: a guilty, yet delicious pleasure.

Book Reviews

Belladonna cover    

3 star rating
The second novel in the Ephemera series focuses on the rogue landscaper Belladonna.
Released in 2007.

Sebastian cover    

4 star rating
An incubus takes a journey into the darkest corners of his own heart.
Released in 2006.

Dreams Made Flesh cover    

Dreams Made Flesh
4 star rating
Men with magical powers and leather pants who live only to serve women? It must be The Black Jewels.
Released in 2005.

The House of Gaian cover    

The House of Gaian
3 star rating
The conclusion to the Tir Alainn trilogy.
Released in 2003.

Shadows and Light cover    

Shadows and Light
5 star rating
In the second book in the Tir Alainn trilogy, who will save the witches?
Released in 2002.

The Pillars of the World cover    

The Pillars of the World
4 star rating
The first book set in the world of the Fae and Tir Alainn.
Released in 2001.

The Invisible Ring cover    

The Invisible Ring
4 star rating
More romantic fantasy from the world of the Black Jewels.
Released in 2000.

Queen of the Darkness cover    

Queen of the Darkness
4 star rating
The third episode of the Black Jewels trilogy.
Released in 2000.

Heir to the Shadows cover    

Heir to the Shadows
4 star rating
The second episode of the shocking yet romantic Black Jewels trilogy.
Released in 1999.

Daughter of the Blood cover    

Daughter of the Blood
3 star rating
The first book in the Black Jewels trilogy.
Released in 1998.

Anne Bishop's major characters


Appearing first in the Black Jewels trilogy, Daemon simply smoulders. He is a prince with strong magic of his own, but in a world controlled by female witches he is often powerless to help those he cares about. He has a cruel streak when crossed, but is fiercely protective and loyal to loved ones.


A half-breed, and brother to Daemon. Like his brother, he has strong magic and has lived for centuries.


Jaenelle is a human, and although she may one day grow to wield great powers, she is also incredibly vulnerable. Jaenelle is a central character in the Black Jewels trilogy.

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