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Anne Rice

Anne Rice created The Vampire Chronicles, and later went on to write about the Mayfair Witches. Her novels are set in this world and mix horror with supernatural fantasy.

Book Reviews

The Wolf Gift cover    

The Wolf Gift
4 star rating
A young reporter wonders whether he has been handed a gift or a curse in this modern-day werewolf story.
Released in 2012.

Servant of the Bones cover    

Servant of the Bones
3 star rating
A spirit from the time of ancient Babylon recounts his life story and his attempt to redeem himself by solving the mystery of a recent murder.
Released in 1996.

Interview With The Vampire cover    

Interview With The Vampire
5 star rating
In the first episode of The Vampire Chronicles a reluctant vampire recounts his life story to date.
Released in 1976.

Anne Rice's major characters


First appearing in The Vampire Chronicles, Lestat is like a demon playboy, a vampire without any normal morals or sense of moderation.


Another character from The Vampire Chronicles, Louis is a thoughtful and reserved vampire who is ill at ease with his thirst for blood.

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