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Alien Quiz

  1. In the 1999 film Galaxy Quest which race of aliens is facing annihilation and asks for help from the cast of the Galaxy Quest TV show?
  2. Calorians

  3. In Enemy Mine, the 1985 movie directed by Wolfgang Peterson, why is Dennis Quaid's character Willis Davidge stuck on a planet with only a hostile alien Drac for company?
  4. he has been left there as a punishment
    he crash-landed his spaceship
    his spaceship ran out of fuel

  5. In the 2009 movie Avatar directed by James Cameron, Jake Sully tries to negotiate with the alien Na'vi. What is their planet called?
  6. Azuria

  7. In Larry Niven's novel Protector, what is distinct about the third stage of life in the Pak species?
  8. they split in two
    they do not need to eat
    they become sexless

  9. What species is Salasso in the book Cosmonaut Keep by Ken MacLeod?
  10. leechite

  11. Who is in charge of the MNU group filmed by the documentary makers, and charged with evicting the alien Prawns from their slum, in District 9, directed by Neill Blomkamp?
  12. Christopher Johnson
    H.M Murdock
    Wikus van de Merwe

  13. In the movie Pitch Black directed by David Twohy, the characters crash land on a planet with three suns, where the aliens come out under cover of darkness. How often does night fall on that world?
  14. every 5 years
    every 17 years
    every 22 years

  15. What's the name of the spaceship In Ridley Scott 's 1979 film Alien?
  16. The Nosferatus
    The Nostalgia
    The Nostromo

  17. How do the centuries-old Goa'uld in Stargate stay looking so young?
  18. they repair themselves in sarcophagus-like devices
    they work out and eat no meat
    they always moisturise

  19. In D. J. Caruso's film I Am Number Four, Number Four and his kind are being hunted down by which alien race?
  20. Ewoks

  21. What's the name of the alien planetarium guide who befriends Chuck in Planet 51 directed by Jorge Blanco?
  22. Grawl

  23. In the 1997 film Men In Black directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, K and J clean up the world's alien incursions. But what did J, played by Will Smith, do for a living before he dons the black suit?
  24. insurance salesman
    NYPD officer
    fighter pilot

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