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About Warpcore SF

In September 2001 I launched Warpcore SF. It covers science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, science and steampunk in books, film and (more rarely) TV. There are reviews of material from the 1950s to the present day.

Who am I? Ros Jackson. I run this website, and I am the author of a number of fantasy books, including the YA novella The Secret Eater and Melody of Demons. I'm also on Goodreads (rarely), and Mastodon There's a FAQ available if you have more questions.


The ratings on this website range from 0 stars to 5, with 5 stars indicating the highest recommendation. Half-stars are not used.

This isn't the kind of website that gives nothing but praise to everything, but ratings skew high because I don't review books I don't finish.

Review Policy

I'm currently closed for new book review requests. Please check back in 6 months.

I review a broad range of science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror and steampunk, including YA books in those genres. I rarely cover tie-ins. I do not review fiction that falls outside of the above genres. I occasionally cover popular science books, but no other categories of non-fiction.

I prefer to read ebooks in epub format. I won't read PDFs.

If you are interested in requesting a review, don't forget to include the following in your query:
  • Genre
  • ISBN
  • Word count and/or number of pages
  • Price
  • Publisher
  • A page where I can copy the cover image. This graphic must be at least 200px wide.
  • A pint of your firstborn's blood.
Contact me by drawing a salt circle and saying my name three times backwards. Table salt is best.


This blog is on partial hiatus, so I post approximately whenever I feel like it.


Review copies do not get more favourable coverage. More recent reviews will mention the source of the book or film - whether it's my own copy, a library copy, an ARC (Advance Review Copy) or review copy, or something else.

I do NOT sell ARCs.

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Audience Profile

Warpcore SF is aimed primarily at fans of science fiction and fantasy. There is a slight British slant to the content, (book and film release dates usually refer to UK versions, for instance,) but people from a variety of English-speaking countries visit this website.

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