Science fiction and fantasy

Space Novels of the Noughties

Other worlds, alien races, and the vastness of outer space have always been a rich mine for science fiction writers. But do you know your Alsist from your Eris?

  1. In Adam Roberts' Salt, how long is the journey from Earth to the planet of Salt predicted to take?
  2. 37 years
    210 years
    800 years

  3. Ken MacLeod's Cosmonaut Keep is the first book in which series?
  4. Engines of Light
    The Fall Revolution
    Forged In The Stars

  5. In Wil McCarthy's novel The Collapsium, a ring of collapsium is built around the sun. What is this substance made from?
  6. a newly discovered heavy element
    collapsible titanium girders
    miniature black holes

  7. In Rob Grant's comic novel Colony, who offers Eddie O'Hare his place on a generational starship?
  8. Charles Gordon
    David Bowman
    Korben Dallas

  9. In M. John Harrison's 2002 novel Light, mercenary and wanted woman Seria Mau is the pilot of which ship?
  10. The Blue Star
    The Red Chimera
    The White Cat

  11. In The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton, where is the Void system?
  12. in the Andromeda galaxy
    at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy
    in deep intergalactic space

  13. In Natural History by Justina Robson, how does the Forged character Voyager Lonestar Isol manage to survive the freezing vacuum of space?
  14. she is adapted to live in space
    she shelters in the body of a fellow crew member
    she freezes herself in a state of suspended animation

  15. In Elizabeth Moon's novel Trading in Danger, why does Ky Vatta pilot the Glennys Jones into a war zone?
  16. in order to raise enough money to fix it
    to escape an alien attack fleet
    because the control panel was jammed with fruitcake

  17. In Iain M. Bank's book The Algebraist what do the Nasqueron Dwellers inhabit?
  18. asteroids
    gas giants
    the Oort cloud

  19. In House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds what group do the characters Campion and Purslane belong to?
  20. the Gentian Line
    the Machine People
    the Fountainheads

  21. In Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn, where is Khesh City?
  22. floating above the planet of Vellern
    floating over Lake Paonga
    deep underground

  23. In The Longest Way Home by Robert Silverberg, on what planet does the action take place?
  24. Bespin

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