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Women In SFF: Indie Edition

19th October 2016

If everyone reads the same things by essentially a small group of authors, it limits us. So diversity matters if we're to imagine more boldly and enjoy fiction that isn't confined to the stale tropes of past decades.

To help anyone who wants to broaden their reading, Joanne Hall compiled a non-exhaustive list of women in SFF. However, given the scale of that project she's only listing traditionally published authors. So this list features recommendations of women writing in SFF outside of the major publishers. It will include self-published writers and those publishing through small presses. It's very hard to tell the difference sometimes between the two. There will be grey areas in terms of what counts as a small press, and many authors are "hybrid" between self and traditional publishing, so in general this will be a list of writers who are mostly not traditionally published.

The following books are recommended by me, or through the hashtag #indiewomeninsff on Twitter, as potential starting points for these authors' works. Please add your own suggestions via Twitter.

  1. Aimee Easterling - Wolf Rampant series
  2. Alexandra Moody - Tainted
  3. Alicia Michaels - The Bionics
  4. Amanda M. Lee - Wicked Witches of the Midwest series
  5. Amy McNulty - Nobody's Goddess
  6. Andrea Pearson - Discern
  7. Andrea K. Host - Stray
  8. Angela Roquet - Graveyard Shift
  9. Angie Fox - The Accidental Demon Slayer
  10. Ann Christy - The In-Betweener
  11. Annie Bellet - The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series
  12. Athena Grayson - Huntress of the Star Empire series
  13. Augusta Blythe - Winterborne
  14. Autumn Kalquist - Better World
  15. Becca Lusher - Sing To Me
  16. Becca Mills - The Emanations series
  17. Beth Revis - Across The Universe
  18. Blair MacGregor - Sand of Bone
  19. C. B. Lewis - Out Of Time series
  20. C. Gockel - Loki series
  21. Charissa Dufour - Cornered Magic
  22. Charlotte E. English - Miss Landon and Aubranael
  23. Chele Cooke - Dead and Buryd
  24. Cheryl Mahoney - The Wanderers
  25. C. J. Archer - The Medium
  26. C. J. Brightley - The King's Sword
  27. Clare K. R. Miller - Golden Hearts
  28. Claudie Arseneault - The White Renegade
  29. Debra Dunbar - A Demon Bound
  30. Dianna Hardy - The Witching Pen
  31. Donna S. Frelick - the Interstellar Rescue series
  32. E. J . Frost - Neon Blue
  33. Elizabeth McCoy - All That Glitters
  34. Eliza Green - Becoming Human
  35. Elle Casey - War of the Fae series
  36. Emigh Cannaday - The Flame and the Arrow
  37. Emily Martha Sorensen - Fairy Senses series
  38. Erica Stevens - The Survivor Chronicles series
  39. Fletcher DeLancey - The Caphenon
  40. Francesca Forrest - Pen Pal
  41. Genevieve Jack - The Ghost and the Graveyard
  42. Grace Draven - Master of Crows
  43. Grace McDermott - Mirrorfall
  44. Heather Rose Jones - Daughter of Mystery
  45. Heidi Garrett - Beautiful Beautiful
  46. Helen Harper - Bloodfire
  47. Intisar Khanani - Sunbolt
  48. Janeal Falor - Mine series
  49. Jayne Faith - Sapient Salvation
  50. J. C. Andrijeski - Rook
  51. Joanne Hall - The Art of Forgetting series
  52. Jolie Du Pre - Benton series
  53. Jordan Castillo Price - PsyCop series
  54. Jordan L. Hawk - Widdershins (Whyborne and Griffin series)
  55. Joyce Chng - Dragon Sisters
  56. Jo Zebedee - the Inheritance trilogy
  57. Julie Ann Dawson - Nancy Werlock's Diary series
  58. Kaitlyn Davis - The Shadow Soul
  59. Kathryn Meyer Griffith - Dinosaur Lake
  60. Kayla Bashe- Graveyard Sparrow
  61. K. B. Spangler - Greek Key
  62. K. M. Carroll - The Strider of Chronos
  63. Kimberly Loth - Kissed
  64. Krista D. Ball - Spirit Caller series
  65. Krista Walsh - Evensong
  66. Kyoko M. - The Black Parade
  67. Kyra Halland - Daughter of the Wildings series
  68. Lauren Jankowski - Sere From The Green
  69. Laurie A. Green - Inherited Stars series
  70. Linda Acaster - Torc of Moonlight
  71. Lindsay Buroker - Fallen Empire series
  72. Lindsey Duncan - Taming the Weald
  73. Lisa Medley - Reap and Repent
  74. Lise MacTague - Depths of Blue
  75. Lola StVil - The Noru series
  76. Lyssa Chiavari - Fourth World
  77. Maria E. Schneider - Under Witch Moon
  78. Marilyn Peake - Shade
  79. M.C.A. Hogarth - Earthrise
  80. Megg Jensen - Anathema
  81. Misa Buckley - Amazing Grace series
  82. M. J. Haag - Depravity
  83. Monique Martin - Out Of Time series
  84. M. Pax - The Backworlds series
  85. Nicole Zoltack - Black Hellebore
  86. Odette C. Bell - Witch's Bell series
  87. Pat Spence - Blue Moon
  88. Pauline Baird Jones - The Key
  89. Pauline Creeden - Chronicles of Steele series
  90. Pauline M Ross - The Plains of Kallanash
  91. Patty Jansen - Icefire series,
  92. Pippa DaCosta - The Veil series
  93. Rabia Gale - Rainbird
  94. Rachel Sharp - The Big Book of Post-Collapse Fun
  95. Renae Jones - Hellcat's Bounty
  96. R. J. Crayton - Life First
  97. RoAnna Sylver - Chameleon Moon
  98. Robyn Peterman - Hot Damned series
  99. Ruth Nestvold - Looking Through Lace
  100. Sara C. Roethle - Xoe
  101. Sarah Dalton - White Hart
  102. Sarra Cannon - the Shadow Demons Saga
  103. Saruuh Kelsey - The Beast of Callaire
  104. S. E. Diemer - The Dark Wife
  105. Shira Glassman - The Second Mango
  106. S. L . Huang - Zero Sum Game
  107. S.M. Reine - Seasons of the Moon series
  108. S.M. Schmitz - Resurrected
  109. Stacy Claflin - Deception
  110. Susan Grant - the Star series
  111. Susan Jane Bigelow - Broken
  112. Susan Kaye Quinn - Open Minds
  113. Tasha Black - Reconstructed
  114. Teyla Branton - The Change
  115. Valmore Daniels - Angel Fire
  116. Val St. Crowe (aka V. J. Chambers) - Dancing Days
  117. Vera Nazarian - Cobweb Bride
  118. W. R. Gingell - Masque
  119. Wynne Channing - What Kills Me

There are more specific recommendations for LGBTQIA books on Shira Glassman's Tumblr.


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