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La Revolution: A Series For Our Time
In the television series La Revolution, French aristocrats are afflicted by a mysterious disease, whilst peasants go missing in suspicious circumstances.

Pandemic Reading
As the Covid pandemic rages, it has affected the way we read in a number of ways.

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Here are seven reading resolutions suitable for the 2020s.

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Where to go in the Fediverse to find the best speculative fiction and literary discussions.

Nine Political Books That Change The Conversation
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Penguin Random House Withdraws Union Recognition
Penguin Random House have decided not to recognise Unite and the NUJ as a result of staff negotiations, leaving the publisher with a stain on its reputation as an employer.

Authors Support Stop Funding Hate
Some authors have had enough of divisive and xenophobic elements in the British press, and are willing to make an ethical stand.

Women In SFF: Indie Edition
A list of indie and self-published women writing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction genres.

Amazon Finally Makes KU Appealing For Novelists
The new per-page payout for the Kindle Unlimited subscription service makes it a much better deal for authors of longer novels.

Thoughts On The Sieghart Report On Libraries
The Sieghart report on libraries missed its mark by miles. Yet the real cause of the decline of the UK library network is depressingly obvious.

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Critique Circle: Shaping Fabulous Stories
The appeal of a certain writing critique website. Or, why I have neglected this blog.

Where Shall I Point This Pitchfork?
Some thoughts on Jonathan Ross, Loncon, and the twitchfork mob.

Reading Is Not A Race
Why I will be abandoning annual reading challenges in 2014.

What Book Discovery Is Missing
The current state of book discovery is narrowing our reading choices and squeezing out midlist writers. How can it be fixed?

Symphony of War Declared

3rd October 2016


The second book in the Kaddon Keys series, Symphony of War, is now on sale as an ebook. Things are hotting up for the characters as they discover their heroic actions in Melody of Demons have unintended consequences, leaving the whole country in turmoil. The full details of Symphony of War are here.

This is my fourth book, and to begin with it will be exclusive to Amazon and available through the Kindle Unlimited programme (KU). I had initially planned to keep all of the Kaddon Keys books in KU until the trilogy was complete, but that is looking increasingly unlikely. Amazon has introduced new Page Flip technology for Kindle which some authors suspect is interfering with the number of pages recorded as read, and therefore with their payment. In general publishing exclusively through Amazon Select is quite volatile, so although it seemed like a good idea in 2015 matters have swung the other way quite quickly, and the issue with page read counts is merely the latest in a series of problems rather than a one-off glitch.

Melody of Demons and Symphony of War's periods of exclusivity will be over by the end of December and early January 2017 respectively.