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Female Protagonists In Genre Fiction
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Spanish Language Shows On Netflix To Look Out For

7th March 2020

   Always a Witch    

   Nobodys Looking    

   The Neighbour    


The green owl has its talons in me, and I have been picking up some Spanish that I haven't used since I was last at school, some time in the 17th century. One of the benefits of Netflix's international library of shows is that it makes foreign-language series and movies much more accessible. These are a few of the Spanish-language shows available in the fantasy or science fiction genre, so whether you're trying to refresh your Spanish skills or learning it for the first time, these are some recommendations for shows you can use to brush up your language whilst getting immersed in the stories.

Always A Witch

Carmen is a witch from the 17th century, who time travels to the present to save herself, and starts living as a student. But she desperately wants to be reunited with her lost love, Cristobal. However, someone is out to get her and all witches are in danger. So she must work out who she can really trust and get to the bottom of who wants to harm her, and why.

This is on its second season. It's an involving story with an engaging cast, that draws a fine line between humour and the drama of dangerous situations.

Nobody's Looking

An angel is born, the first in 300 years. He is supposed to be a guardian angel, in a rule-bound office. But Uli isn't the kind of angel who cares much for the rules, and he's insatiably curious. This is a light comedy with likeable characters. I found it pretty cute and funny.

This isn't originally in Spanish, but Brazilian Portuguese, but it does have an option to listen to it in Spanish.

The Neighbour

This corny comedy is reminiscent of My Hero. During an evening away, a superhero falls to Earth and passes on his powers to a most unsuitable host. Javi is trying to make sense of his life and reconcile with his girlfriend, whilst hiding his new-found powers which he must try to use for good. But he's not very good at either ordinary life or heroics, and being a hero is a complication he's not ready to deal with.

This is available with both Spanish audio and captions.


Again, this isn't originally in Spanish, it's in Brazilian Portuguese. But it does have a good Spanish dubbing option.

Omniscient is the story of a murder committed in a world where everyone is followed by tiny drones that watch them constantly. Nina, a young trainee and computer genius, works for the company that makes the drones. The big selling point of them is that they do their work without human interference or oversight, so they don't impinge on people's privacy. But that means that when the drones make an error nobody can look at what has gone wrong. Nina suspects a cover-up, and is determined to find out what really happened to her father, no matter the cost. This is a tense story with a range of interesting characters, although it's not without its lighthearted moments.