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30th December 2017

Nine Political Books That Change The Conversation

Following news that Simon and Schuster plan to publish an inflammatory commentator, here are nine political books that deserve more attention.
30th December 2016

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Random Quest Generator
This is a tool for all the roleplayers to enjoy: it generates fantasy quests, with over 10 million unique variations.

Random Book Title Generator
Random book titles to inspire you in your quest to find the perfect one for your work in progress.

Alien Quiz
Discover how much you know about extraterrestrials in movies and literature.

Robot Quiz
This moderately difficult quiz features all kinds of cute, sinister and strange droids.

Recently reviewed older releases

Bitterblue cover    

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore
4 star rating
A young queen discovers that her people are endangered by the legacy of a tyrant. The third novel in the Graceling Realm series.
Released in 2012.

23rd October 2018

Fire cover    

Fire by Kristin Cashore
5 star rating
An unnaturally beautiful young woman struggles to come to terms with her powers over people in a land on the edge of war. The second book in the Graceling Realm series.
Released in 2009.

7th October 2018

Graceling cover    

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
4 star rating
Katsa has a natural gift for killing, but this talent means she is unable to get close to others and is at risk of exploitation. The first in the Graceling Realm series.
Released in 2008.

26th September 2018

The Upside Of Stress cover    

The Upside Of Stress by Kelly McGonigal
4 star rating
Stress is commonly thought of as an entirely negative condition that makes us sick. Kelly McGonigal reveals the evidence that challenges that view, and explains how to use stress to improve our lives.
Released in 2015.

7th June 2018

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Book Reviews

Moonstruck Volume 1: Magic To Brew cover    

Moonstruck Volume 1: Magic To Brew by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle

4 star rating
In a town where supernatural creatures live beside ordinary humans, a werewolf barista tries to blend in. But when her friend is hurt by a rogue magician she has to take a stand. The first in the Moonstruck series.

21st September 2018

Inheritors Of The Earth cover    

Inheritors Of The Earth by Chris D. Thomas

4 star rating
An examination of the species that are benefitting from rapid environmental changes brought about by mankind, and how they are doing so.

27th January 2018

Defender cover    

Defender by G. X. Todd

4 star rating
People everywhere have started hearing voices which urge them towards violence. Pilgrim and Lacey are struggling to survive in a world where even their own thoughts may betray them.

5th March 2017

Weapons Of Math Destruction cover    

Weapons Of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil

5 star rating
Big Data has infiltrated many aspects of our daily lives. But the algorithms that determine our schooling, jobs, insurance, finances, and more may not be as fair or useful as we believe.

9th May 2018

Film Reviews

Beauty And The Beast cover    

Beauty And The Beast directed by Bill Condon

4 star rating
A bookish young woman is taken prisoner in an enchanted castle by a beast. But is he as terrible as he seems?

30th July 2017

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