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Space Sweepers cover

Space Sweepers directed by Sung-hee Jo

3 star rating
The crew of a spaceship that collects space trash find themselves in trouble when a cute young stowaway arrives. But is she a child, or the deadly robot she is accused of being?

4th July 2022

Afterlife of the Party cover

Afterlife of the Party directed by Stephen Herek

3 star rating
A party animal dies, but she gets the chance to come back and put things right with the people she left behind.

20th June 2022

Doors Of Sleep cover

Doors Of Sleep by Tim Pratt

4 star rating
Zaxony is condemned to travel to another universe every time he falls asleep, and there is a limit to what and who he can take with him.

26th November 2020

Spontaneous cover

Spontaneous directed by Brian Duffield

3 star rating
Students spontaneously explode at a high school, and senior student Mara wonders what is causing it and whether she or her friends will survive past graduation.

23rd July 2022

The Ippos King cover

The Ippos King by Grace Draven

4 star rating
Tension abounds as two warriors with a complex relationship escort the soulless body of their friend to his homeland. The third novel in the Wraith Kings series.

13th February 2022

La Revolution: A Series For Our Time

In the television series La Revolution, French aristocrats are afflicted by a mysterious disease, whilst peasants go missing in suspicious circumstances.
15th May 2021

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Recently reviewed older releases

Warrior Of The World cover
Warrior Of The World by Jeffe Kennedy
5 star rating
As a princess who has become a warrior priestess tries to heal, she wonders whether her past will ever allow her to fully protect those she has grown close to. The third novel in the Chronicles of Dasnaria series.
Released in 2019.

12th August 2022

Death Becomes Her cover
Death Becomes Her by Robert Zemeckis
3 star rating
Two rival women compete for beauty and success, and they will use any means to get ahead, even if it means breaking the laws of nature, in this comedy horror.
Released in 1992.

8th August 2022

Exile Of The Seas cover
Exile Of The Seas by Jeffe Kennedy
4 star rating
Having escaped the brutality of life as a woman in Dasnaria, a young princess tries to hide from capture and make a new life for herself by posing as a fighting priestess. The second book in the Chronicles of Dasnaria.
Released in 2018.

15th July 2022

The Iron Ghost cover
The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams
5 star rating
An adventuring trio take on a quest for a lost object in the frozen north, without accounting for the complex political situation there. The second novel in the Copper Cat series.
Released in 2015.

1st January 2022

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